Our History: Presented in Geezer Vision

Geezer blend rock, comedy, rap and barbershoppe to hilariously swing the entire history of popular music from AC/DC and Dr Dre back to Buddy Holly and the Beatles, mashed up mid-song with spot-on Weezer and Beastie Boys hits. The world's oldest coverband has been an answer on NPR's Ask Me Another, appeared in a KIA adverisement with Weezer at the band's personal request, headlined Long Beach's sold-out first annual Littlepalooza for small children and opened for Vanilla Ice, Coolio and Young MC in front of 6000 hiphop fans for Magic 92.5FM at San Diego's Petco Park. One of the most unique acts of all-time, they're probably the only band on earth that has played dive bars, rap shows, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties, comedy clubs, three-set casino gigs and punk festivals....then passed out cookies.


Geezer began in 2005 when people arrived to see local favorites Rookie Card play Weezer's classic "Blue Album" for a benefit at San Diego's world-famous Casbah.  Instead, they were greeted by old men offering Werther's from deep, checkered pockets. After just two shows, the group retired to Florida for several years. Only one band could convince Geezer to come out of retirement: Weezer.

Radio station FM94.9 asked the senior combo to host auditions for the San Diego stop of Weezer's 2008 Hootenanny tour, where the band was letting lucky fans play with them onstage. Between singer Rivers Cuomo eagerly accepting fresh cookies onstage in front of 10,000 grandkids, the quick clip of new bassist Zachary Goode Sr onstage in the band's "I'm Your Daddy" video and the entire group and crew paying such close attention to their nurse, it seemed that Weezer liked the wheezers just fine. They had no idea. After years of posting about Geezer shows, the band asked the grandpas to appear with them in a KIA advertisement filmed on Venice Beach.

While Weezer has released a Mister Rogers-themed video and incorporated more barbershoppe into their repertoire, Geezer quickly forgot how to play most Weezer songs and their setlist quickly became a history of recorded music. Forgotten lyrics and off-the-cuff requests turned into genius mashups n' medleys attributed to "senior memory".  The most talented School of Rock and breakdancing grandkids on the west coast started becoming part of the act. When angel Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer, they learned an entire set of Beastie Boys songs for a cancer benefit on two weeks notice. It quickly became the highlight of their performances and they've been wrapping ever since.

In recent years, the band has established themselves as one of the most hilarious, unique coverbands in history*. The group became local press darlings thanks to feature articles in the San Diego Union-Tribune, City Beat and the Reader while charming critics, hipsters and drunk idiots as two-time San Diego Music Award nominees and post-ceremony houseband.  Once afraid to leave their senior center, the miracles of modern medicine have enabled Geezer to take the carpool lane to exotic locales such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Nevada...and Merced. 

Honestly? We don't remember much before breakfast this morning but we've been told that we.....

  • Produced the funniest band website of all-time, thanks to Handcarved Graphics, who were asked by well-known design site CSS Tricks to reveal the secrets behind some of their most ground-breaking features. 

  • Besides being asked by Nerf Herder to headline their own album release that contained the song "We Opened For Weezer" at the world-famous Troubadour, Geezer has performed with Har Mar Superstar, All4One, Young MC, Color Me Badd, Coolio and Vanilla Ice. They've also shared stages with the best coverbands in the world: Atomic Punks, Metalachi, Sweet & Tender Hooligans, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, the Gabba Gabba Heys and GAYC/DC.

  • Geezer has performed at hundreds of historic events. There was the deck of the Titanic, of course. They were the first act to play San Diego's Lafayette Hotel's legendary Mississippi Ballroom stage after its 60th anniversary grand re-opening. There have been dozens of weddings, street fairs, festivals AND Jordan Krimston's bar mitzvah.

What's next?! Since relocating Geezer HQ to the Los Angeles area, they're busier than usual, with quite a few new seniors from the home stepping in to pick up the slack.  The band is currently weighing offers to release their recently recorded debut 78rpm single, "OK Boomer"/"We Ain't No Weezer Tribute Band". I smell a bidding war...and freshly made cookies.

*not saying much



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