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  • The Fall 2013 report: Babies, shows, Weezer shout-outs, new short films & cruise contests.

    The Fall 2013 report: Babies, shows, Weezer shout-outs, new short films & cruise contests.

    09-04-2013 by adamgimbel

    Hey folks,

    Since we last spoke, we had a couple of fun weekends in the middle of a slow year.  First we went to Fresno and San Francisco's legendary Great American Music Hall with the Bay Area's Nick Laquintano on drums and Pollywog Crew's Jeff D flying up from LA to be our 3rd Beastie for the shows.  A really fun time playing for a bunch of strangers, except for the whole drug dealers shooting at each other outside the GAMH right before we played.  Street cred! We'll hit the road WAY more next year.  Stay tuned.  Locally, we had two fun back to back shows while the real Weezer played Del Mar.  They even posted something on their website, telling their fans to go see US after they played.  Nice boys.

    How can so much be happening without any....SHOWS!?  As Zachary Sr and Nurse Marissa prepare to bring a little senior citizen into the world, Geezer is working hard behind-the-scenes to insure the kid has a future trust fund.  The new website was worshipped on the net's top design site ( and 5000 visited us in a couple of days when they asked Handcarved Graphics how they made this page so amazing.

    The fabled Geezer video that we've been talking about for close to two years could only have been a letdown and when it debuted at the Merrow, last month, it was. Plagued by a late start, people were screaming for us to play instead of trying to squint at our highlight reel via a 1927 video projector.  Still, we knew that once we uploaded it to the world wide bib, people would realize our genius. Of all things to further delay its release, it was that damn Weezer, who announced they were holding a video contest with the winner securing a spot to play on their 2014 Weezer Cruise to the Bahamas. The rules wouldn't let us include any copyrighted covers so we had to run back to the editing room n' get creative but they accepted our submission!

    So now we're up against 60 bands playing our least favorite game: Beg the Friends.  Please help by simply going to watch the video on Youtube and clicking the thumbs up button.  It's that easy.  Whoever gets the most "likes" wins.  If everyone we knew voted for us, we'd still lose so PLEASE share the video on Facebook or steer us towards media moguls who can help get the word out.  It'd be a blast to win and visit Florida plus it'd be a real kick to beat out dozens of other "original" bands with a 100 year old acapella barbershoppe number.

    Keep in touch.  We'll be announcing post-baby winter shows soon (like our first-ever House of Blues show in the main hall with Yacht Rock Revue on Sunday November 17th with Yacht Rock Revue & a holiday show with Hey Ho Let's Go at 710 Beach Club on December 14th!).  Then things are probably going to be a little crazy, in a good way.  All those elegant debutante balls that we've never inquired about because we didn't have a new-fangled website or promo video?  No more olde man excuses!  Sit down, hang on and SHADDAP.


    P.S. The "real" version of our Centennial Highlight Film came out real classy.  It's got actual music, some fun surprises and a ton of credits and thank yous.  Do give it a spin...

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