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  • 2013, the year Geezer finally got a website

    2013, the year Geezer finally got a website

    07-01-2013 by adamgimbel

    It's been a long time coming but, thanks to the talented grandchildren at Handcarved Graphics, Geezer finally has a place on the web that doesn't rhyme with Macebook. We came to them with ONE request: keep it as simple as possible.  We asked that it be done in morse code or braille.  No color.  We were ignored.  Repeatedly.  Now we have to live with something that will probably win technical and design awards that will take even more attention away from us. The history page, large print and Tumblr links alone are one huge leap for webkind.  It's a good thing they talked us into creating Youtube, Twitter & Tumblr accounts too.  Now we have even more places to kvetch. Please tell us what you like or don't like and definitely let us know if something isn't working. Per usual, suggestions can be submitted at

    While we think of new ways to delay the completion of our short promotional film, you can look for information on our upcoming San Diego appearances.  There are none.  If you live in Fresno and San Francisco, however, you are in luck, as we are making our debuts there in late July. Check the BALLROOMS section for all the details. Is that it for the whole summer? Perhaps. After that, we're going to make you wait even longer because Zachary Sr knocked up our nurse and they're expecting in September.  Don't worry.  You know we've always got something up our sleeve.  Just you wait...

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